Why Tai Chi is Good for Your Health

With the fast pace of modern day lifestyles affecting both our minds and bodies, many of us are left feeling continually stressed and drained. Helping to break the cycle, we share why practicing Tai Chi is good for your health.

An ancient Chinese martial art, Tai Chi, is a low-impact, relaxing exercise involving gentle movements and deep breathing, great for a de-stress holiday. Sometimes referred to as ‘moving meditation,’ Tai Chi can give a healthy boost to both your body and mind.

Tai Chi

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8 Reasons why you should exercise with Tai Chi…

1. Relieve aches and pains

A key component of Tai Chi is the movement of Qi, an energy force believed to flow around the body. Ideal on a healing holiday, with the slow and controlled movements of Tai Chi, blockages of this energy, said to cause aches, pains and other illnesses, are removed.

2. Nurture a healthy heart

The low impact, hypnotic nature of Tai Chi releases stress and tension, which lowers blood pressure and enhances the immune system. Focussing the mind on breathing and meditation will also promote calmness and oxygen flow, which is crucial to the heart’s healthy function.

3. Calm the mind

By slowing down the pace with deep-breathing and controlled movements, in Tai Chi you’re able to focus your mind on the present. An excellent addition on a meditation holiday, this “meditation in motion” encourages stress and anxiety relief. It has also been found to be a better anti-depressant than medication, as it elevates mood and relaxes the mind.

4. Boost energy

Allowing Qi to move freely through the body means that your mental and physical health will improve. Qi blockages cause fatigue and mood disruptions, so increasing this flow means that your energy levels will be lifted and you’ll feel more alert.

Tai Chi

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5. Enhance sleep

Scientific studies have shown that those who have attended Tai Chi sleep studies improved their quality of sleep more than those in standard sleep education. Regular, low impact exercise relieves muscle tension and helps the mind and body to relax, ideal on a sleep enhancement holiday.

6. Improve joints and flexibility

The low impact postures of Tai Chi are kind to joints and muscles, yet still increase flexibility and mobility in the ankle, hip and knee. Particularly beneficial for those suffering from arthiritis; a study has shown that after just 12 weeks of Tai Chi, arthiritic pain can be reduced by more than half.

7. Reduce the risk of injury

Tai Chi is an especially beneficial exercise for the injured or those of the older generation. Helping to improve mental alertness, co-ordination, spatial awareness and strength, with Tai Chi the risk of fall or injury is greatly reduced.

8. Strengthen arms and legs

Stemming from its martial art roots, Tai Chi is an effective way to strengthen your muscles, ideal as a gentler activity on a fitness holiday. With your body and muscles constantly moving in a controlled series of movements, the regular practice of Tai Chi can help to strengthen and tone your arms, legs and core.


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