What NOT to Pack on Your Next Travel

Traveling is a unique learning experience and packing plays an important part. Instead of losing your sanity on thinking on what to bring on your upcoming trip, just shift your focus on what NOT to bring – and we promise you won’t miss a thing! Here is a list of things you should consider not packing on your next travel.

1. Don’t Pack Seasonally Inappropriate Clothes


Check the weather and activities at your destination and pack accordingly

Pack lighter than you think you can. There’s an old saying: Pack half the clothes and twice the money. Tracey Bell of Overland Travel Adventures shares this must-do tip:

“You don't need to go out and buy khaki cargo pants or jungle greens for an African safari, nor shirts with lots of pockets or any other kitch safari attire that you will never wear again. Sure, don't wear your bright red shirt when tracking the mountain gorillas, but you do not need a whole new wardrobe to come to Africa.”

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2. Don’t Underpack or Overpack Clothes

Pack right to avoid problems

The best way to avoid overpacking or underpacking is to plan your outfits wisely Anthony Bianco of The Travel Tart explains this unique tip:

“People just need to keep things simple. Lay out everything you think you need, and then halve it. Plan your outfits based on the duration of your travel, activities, and destination. I have seen travelers who packed too lightly and end up being a bit smelly! Pack right number of shirts, pair of jeans, socks, underwear and other travel essentials. This tip keeps your sanity at bay.”

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3. Don’t Pack Guidebooks

Don't be a walking library

Avoid lugging a library around in your suitcase. Why carry a full guidebook when you only need a chapter or two? Instead, just photocopy the essential pages that you only need. This will save space and reduce weight. Alternatively, since the Internet is accessible nowadays, a simple Google search will suffice.

4. Don’t Bring Uncomfortable/Impractical Shoes


Give the traveller the right shoes and he/she can conquer the world

Heading to Africa soon and still thinking of what pair of shoes you need to bring? Save yourself some agony by not bringing impractical shoes on an adventure trip like your sky-high stilettos. Remember, Africa is notorious for having varied landscapes! Don’t try to ruin your day by hobbling around in uncomfortable shoes. Check the weather and activities at your destination and pack accordingly – think of hiking shoes and sandals, perhaps?

5. Don’t Pack Devices You Don’t Need


Check the weather and activities at your destination and pack accordingly

People must travel to seize the moment through their eyes and not through their smartphone screens. Lisa Murray of Creativity Lab shares why this tip is important:

“Leave behind your obsession with social media, your work stress, your need to fill every moment with activity, and your disconnection from loved ones. There is just one promise that you need to pack instead that will keep you safe from all of these distractions: your commitment to being present with the beauty and magic that surrounds you.”


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