The Best Fitness Holidays to Book in 2017

The New Year is time for a new you, so get ready to bring out the best version of yourself with our top fitness holidays to book in 2017. You’ll be able to catalyse a bodily transformation just the way you want, as you jump into an active break located in a beautiful destination. From group fitness in Ibiza to DNA fitness in St. Lucia, we’ve got a fitness retreat to suit you.

Everyone’s body and lifestyle is different, so we’ve put together a range of fitness holidays that span from simple bootcamps to complex medical spas that study your DNA fitness and find out the type of exercise and nutrition that will serve you best. Needless to say, there are lots to choose from out there, so do some research and get ready to dive into a new you!

Best for Group Fitness - Ibiza: The Body Camp

body camp beach run

Get fit on the beaches of Ibiza

Ibiza is a haven for blending well-being with fitness and The Body Camp is no different. In 2017, take advantage of the team atmosphere by booking on a group retreat where you’ll power through a luxury fitness holiday of circuits, aerobics, Swiss ball and boxing.  Tone and build up your body with running, body sculpting, deep stretching and lots of swimming to toughen your endurance.

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 The Body Camp

Best for Detox and Fitness - Bali: Komune Resort Fitness and Detox

kommune yoga fitness

Give your fitness the personal touch in Bali

Get ready in 2017 to book a detox holiday with a difference as guests are given the opportunity to transform.  This fitness holiday offers a combination of nutrition and exercise to help you feel rejuvenated. There’s unlimited access to the yoga and fitness schedule which you can mix in with three healthy hub treatments of your choice.

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Best for DNA Fitness - St Lucia: The BodyHoliday BodyScience

island run

Explore the forest with the family in St Lucia

On the tropical paradise of St Lucia rests, a luxury medical spa holiday that offers guests a DNA analysis to design a fitness program around them.  Book this fitness holiday in 2017 and experts will be in touch to craft the ideal schedule tailored to your needs. There’ll also be plenty of time to indulge in divine spa treatments.

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Best for Personal Training - Spain: Marbella Club Fusion Fitness

personal training squat

Unleash your energy and get fit in Spain 

To personalise your active escape, embark on one of our exclusive Fusion Fitness holidays at this luxurious location in southern Spain, for a complete body and mind transformation that draws on nature. Guests who book in 2017 can choose to combine a selection of Cardio, Strength & Sport, Mind & Body or Renewal activities to improve their health and fitness.

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Marbella Club Fusion Fitness

Best for Holistic Fitness - Thailand: Kamalaya Comprehensive Optimal Fitness

tai chi holistic fitness

Unite your mind, body and soul in Thailand

Blend mind, body and spirit with this holistic fitness holiday on the tropical island of Koh Samui, Thailand. This luxury wellness escape is renowned for hosting spiritual and holistic retreats, a great place for a singles holiday that will focus on your needs, so rest assured you’ll be in expert hands when it comes to deepening your fitness practice. Book in 2017 for yoga classes and Ayurvedic spa treatments.

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Kamalaya Comprehensive Optimal Fitness

Best for Bootcamp Fitness - Tanzania: Wildfitness Zanzibar

wildfitness nature fitness

Get your sweat on in Tanzania

When a simple fitness holiday isn’t enough, Wildfitness steps in to really work you to the core. It’s the pinnacle of fitness holidays that utilises the dynamism of the human body to help you get your 2017 sweat on. The name of the game is utilising nature and connecting to your fitness beast whilst on a bootcamp holiday that will truly transform your body and spirit.

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Wildfitness Zanzibar

Best for SUP Fitness - Portugal: Epic Sana SUP Fitness

SUP fitness coast

Challenge yourself in Portugal

Be warned, this isn’t a simple water sports holiday so get ready to work! Book in 2017 for a 5-day program of 8 sessions of functional SUP fitness training and aquatic bootcamps. Luckily, guests can indulge in two specially designed massage treatments and unwind with complimentary access to yoga classes too.

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Epic Sana SUP Fitness

Best for Sports Fitness - Thailand: Thanyapura Fusion Fitness

beach volleyball

Boost your fitness with Thanyapura

If you’re thinking of going on an active retreat in Thailand, look no further! Thanyapura is one of many fitness sports holidays that are becoming a hub for sports enthusiasts, offering exceptional facilities for anyone looking to improve their fitness. The 23-hectacre sports haven is also surrounded by lush vegetation to allow guests to reconnect with their inner natural being in 2017.

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Thanyapura Fusion Fitness

Best for Adventure Fitness - Utah: Red Mountain Essential Fitness

horse riding

Hike across that rugged American landscape in Utah

Get fit and indulge your wanderlust on an adventure holiday set amongst the Red Mountains of Utah. Book in 2017 for an active fitness holiday involving daily hikes through the stunning landscape as well as numerous personal discovery activities to inspire a bodily change from within. Guests also get complimentary access to the group fitness schedule and pools.

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Red Mountain Essential Fitness


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