Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Hannah McQuilkan

Hannah McQuilkan is a fun loving, inspiration filled entrepreneur, from starting NZ's first Airbnb Property Management Company to becoming a Clown Doctor and Forest Therapy Guide, Hannah McQuilkan's career path is anything but ordinary. She is a qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Aromatherapist and Certified Forest Bathing Guide with 20 years experience in the health and wellness industry. She currently juggles a small investment portfolio with her love of nature connection.

Her newest venture Tree Mystic offers Forest Therapy/Nature Connection experiences, designed to deeply connect people to the more than human world. She also offers Private Nature healing sessions, where people are supported to work through an y blocks in their lives. She runs Forest Therapy retreats all around the world - ask her when she will next be in your area!


Find inspiration as we talk to Hannah McQuilkan in our #StrongHealthyWomen interview.

Hi Hannah! Thank you for being part of the Health and Fitness Travel, Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series, where we are shining a light on the importance of self-care, not as an indulgence but a necessity to reduce stress and general health issues.


Is there such a thing as a typical day for you and what does that look like?

There is no such thing as a typical day for me. I could be doing a number of things. I don’t wake up before 8am - I like to sleep in! Then would either head straight to a yoga class or out into my garden to sit in nature.

I enjoy a breakfast of Power Pancakes - pancakes made from banana, two eggs and protein powder, yummy!

Then I would spend time designing and promoting my upcoming Forest Therapy walks and retreats. I would go online check the properties I manage and likely answer some guest questions and requests.

An afternoon walk/run would be typical, visiting friends and ending the day chatting with my flat mates and playing with my Guinea Pigs.


Can you share a time when you felt your well-being was challenged in the past and what did you overcome it?

Yes! And I use this somewhat controversial example on purpose in order to spread the word to other women. I had a smear test and the results showed abnormal cells due to the HPV virus - one of the dangerous strains that can lead to cervical cancer.

The specialist gave me 3 months to sort it out naturally - I took a lot of immune boosting supplements but it didn’t work! I went ahead and had the standard medical treatment where they remove the abnormal cells surgically- this was an 80% chance of a cure. It still didn’t work!

I was a bit panicked by this time and really began to research alternatives. My intuition felt that if I could just apply something like a herb or essential oil direct to the cervix it would cure it.

My research led me to Dr Le Roy based in the USA, who uses the herb Blood root, with Zinc directly on the cervix. He also has a special diet and supplements to use as well. His results and following was impressive and I could do it remotely! With a 95% cure rate, I knew I had to try it.

Enrolling a friend to administer the treatment - bless her! We embarked on this unusual bonding adventure. After 6 1 min treatments once per week - I got retested and both the abnormal cells and HPV virus had completely been cured.

So my message to any woman dealing with HPV or abnormal smear tests is to contact Dr Le Roy and do his treatment!

During this time I also rested and looked inside to discover any underlying causes - using NLP mainly to uncover what might be the emotional state underlying this manifestation.


What does being healthy mean to you and how do you keep this at the forefront when life gets unavoidably busy?

Health means feeling good both physically and mentally. It means having energy and being happy most of the time. Health and well being is pretty much always the forefront to me. I just don’t get too busy to prioritise it. I’m not sure how I keep it at the forefront - its just inbuilt to put it first and its always been that way. I don’t like feeling crappy I guess, so to avoid feeling that way I take care of myself.


Have you ever taken a holiday specifically for your well-being? Can you share what the experience was like?

The most exciting well being holiday I ever took was the Wizard Training Camp by Success Resources America. This 4 day camp took us on an amazing journey of self discovery and manifesting the life of our dreams. We did obstacle courses, laughed, cried and ate fire!


Every woman's idea of self-care is different, tell us about yours?

My idea of self care is having freedom to what I want when I want. I like having time to explore and create. Eating good natural whole foods is important, alongside natural skin care and pure water. I just had a reverse osmosis water system installed for this reason.

Time in nature is something I prioritise as well as time with friends and family.



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