Jessica Sepels Top Tips for Healthy Travel

Sydney nutritionist, health blogger and wellness coach Jessica Sepel loves healthy living and traveling and knows that healthy living whilst traveling can be quite challenging so here she shares her top tips for healthy travel with Health and Fitness Travel:

The trick is preparation. Pack smart, research your destination and stick to your everyday healthy habits as much as you can – allowing some wiggle room for local fun, of course!

Do your research. Look into fitness clubs and yoga studios in the area that offer free trials or inexpensive drop in passes. I love taking Soul Cycle classes when I’m in LA and NYC, so I check locations and schedules.

Prepare your own snacks. Plane/airport food is usually very high in sodium. This is OK in moderation, but save the splurge for a great restaurant when you arrive! Pack some healthy treats that are travel-friendly, like raw almonds, dates stuffed with seeds, sliced veggies, an apple, rice cakes with almond butter, and homemade granola bars or protein bites. I’ve already packed Loving Earth nuts and seeds to munch on!

Pack your supplements. I bring a B vitamin complex for energy, stamina and recovery (it also seems to help with jetlag), zinc to keep my immune system strong, and spirulina tablets  – they’re packed with amino acids, nutrients and antioxidants to stay healthy and full of energy during travel. I also bring a digestive enzyme and Dr. Ohhira's probiotics. It can be difficult to maintain good bacteria in the gut when traveling, so these support and aid digestion and help with travel bloat.

Stay hydrated. Hydration cannot be emphasized enough, especially when traveling by plane. This prevents water retention and other issues associated with dehydration when you land. Carry a glass water bottle to refill at the filters available at most airports, and bring herbal tea bags with you too. Ginger and peppermint tea aids digestion, and chamomile will soothe your system. Continue to drink your usual 2 liters of water per day once you arrive.

Get your ZZZ’s. Don’t let jet lag, flight connections or uncomfortable hotel beds get between you and your rest. Sleep is essential, especially when traveling, to keep your immunity and energy up. Aim for 8 hours whenever possible.

Accessorise – with an eye mask. It will help you enjoy the restorative sleep you need, both on the plane and once you’ve arrived at your destination.The darkness will support melatonin production (since light can destroy the production) and it will help with jet lag too.

Use lavender oil. I dab some on my temples to induce calmness and rest on the plane and when going to sleep while I’m away. Adjusting to jet lag, lighting and a different bed can cause stress on your body and this routine is very soothing. I’m also packing my favourite Jo Malone perfume, which I spray on my clothes and sheets to stay fresh and delish!

Prioritise healthy eating. Seek out healthy options where you can. If you’re staying somewhere with a kitchen, shop the local market for easy things to prep, especially breakfasts. Try to add greens at each meal, if possible, and have a daily green juice. It will help boost immunity too! I always look for local juice bars so that I can be sure to get my greens.

Eat local. Enjoy local delicacies and treats in moderation, but don’t let one splurge spiral you out of control. Savour the treat, then move on and recommit to your healthy eating habits. Guilt over food will only distract you from your adventure. And remember, our body listens to what we do most of the time, not sometimes!

Keep moving. I don’t worry too much about formal exercise when traveling, but I do stay active exploring my surroundings. Walking, biking and jogging is always a great way to sightsee. You may even find a fun local yoga or dance class! Try to spend at least 10 minutes a day alone. Switch off, practice some deep breathing, and journal about your experiences that day. Not only will it help you focus, it will be wonderful to reflect back on!


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