Improve Your Fitness Holiday Performance with Compression


We all know compression sportswear is tight, but so is pretty much everything else we exercise in, so what’s all the fuss about? Can a little extra squeeze really fight fatigue, reduce the risk of injury, speed up recovery and boost performance?

The short answer to all of those is yes, and to prove it, here are a few fast facts from sportswear brand SKINS to help you get to grips with their high-performance gear.

SKINS compression

Compression for improved performance

Compression 101

Compression sportswear might not look all that different to the rest of the spandex on the shelves, but beneath the surface, there’s some impressive tech to justify the price tag.

Unlike skinny jeans, compression gear isn’t just tight for the sake of it; these tights, tops and socks apply compressive pressure to targeted muscle groups to improve blood and oxygen flow through them. This extra squeeze enhances the muscles’ natural pump function, which improves the delivery of vital oxygen to active and recovering muscles and reduces the build-up of acids that would otherwise slow you down. And by using a combination of high-tech fabrics warp-knitted and woven into multiple compression panels, these tights also wrap, support and stabilise your muscles to limit impact vibrations and help you hold your form for longer.

Compression Tech

A light pressure to key muscle groups, speeds up the rate that blood flows. This compression not only improves blood flow to the muscle, but through it as well. This expels waste and reduces the build-up of lactic acid, which gives you that uncomfortable burning during endurance sport, so you can go further for longer.

Targeted Muscle Focus

Over and above limited oxygen supply, your muscles also have to power through other fatiguing factors like impact vibrations and muscle movement while active. So to stabilise your muscles and keep you balanced, compression panels made up of strategically placed anchoring seams to support key muscle groups to reduce movement that can cause tissue damage and fatigue.

Precision Fit

Lastly, compression simply won’t work it doesn’t fit correctly. The amount of compressive pressure applied needs to be specifically calculated to improve athletic performance. Too high, and you start moving into medical grade compression which would be uncomfortable for athletes, and if it’s too low, well, there’s really not much point to loose compression.

So should I pack for my next Fitness Escape?

Anyone young or old, fit or not, can benefit from compression. The only thing left to do is test them yourself! If you have any more questions about the benefits of compression, feel free to browse SKINS’ FAQs page.

SKINS Compression