A guide to surviving your long haul flight

Arrive at your destination rejuvenated...

Keep Hydrated

It is easy to become dehydrated whilst flying, as the air inside a plane cabin is very dry, so make sure to drink plenty of water. To avoid the hassle of constantly having to ask for water, bring along your own filtered water bottle and refill it with tap water on the plane. Although it might be tempting to indulge in a glass of wine or cocktail to relax your nerves, try to avoid alcoholic or carbonated drinks, as they will only add to dehydration.

Dress Comfortably

Don't let vanity get the better of you on long-haul flights, ditch the suits and heels and opt for comfortable loose fitting clothing instead. If you don't want to be seen wandering through the airport in your pyjamas, pack some clothes to change into on-board. Don't forget to take off your shoes too, as ankles tend to swell up at high altitudes.

Care For Your Skin

Long haul flights are known to take a toll on personal appearance. To make sure you reach your destination looking fresh and rested, hydrate your skin at regular intervals throughout the flight. Invest in some high quality natural moisturiser or spritzer spray enriched with essential oils to keep you feeling and looking your best.  

Keep Moving

It is important to keep the blood flowing on long haul flights as sitting for hours at a time can increase the risk of blood clots. Take a look at the inflight magazine, as most will suggest a number of exercises to help your blood circulation. Most importantly remember to stand up, stretch and walk around at least once an hour.

Boost Your Immune System

A strong immune system is key to ensuring a healthy holiday, so prior to your trip make sure your system is up to speed by taking high-end multi-vitamins and multi-mineral supplements on a regular basis. A healthy immune system will help your body cope with the recycled air and dry atmosphere associated with long haul flights.

Pack a Survival Kit

Being prepared can help make a long flight a lot more comfortable, take along a good quality eye mask to block out all the light and investing in quality earplugs or noise cancelling headphones can completely change your flight experience. Pack sock for on board and your pint sized airplane toiletries so you can freshen up before hoping off the plane and you'll feel a lot better at your destination.


If you are a nervous flyer, try to relax before boarding because stress will only add to the discomfort you feel whilst in the air. Use a relaxation technique that works for you, whether its meditation, taking deep slow breaths, or counting backwards from 5 to 1.  If it's an especially long flight you may want to get some shuteye to pass the time. If you have trouble falling asleep whilst flying you may want to invest in a natural sleep aid.


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