8 Health Benefits of Daily Yoga Practice

Yoga is still very new in our society. However, India has been reaping the benefits of this practice for over 5000 years. Drawing inspiration from nature and animals, yoga has been adapted to maximise our bodies’ potential for overall emotional, physical and spiritual balance. Whether you’re a veteran or beginner, we are sharing some of the health benefits behind this practice you have grown to love.





Yoga helps to release tension. Unlike a pre-workout or morning stretch, yoga will have you maintain certain poses while you breathe into your body to help ease your muscles and release tension. Flexible muscles help prevent injury and release energy blockages in your body.

Get to know your body

Practicing yoga helps you tune into your body. It is a practice that very much centers you in your breath, sometimes breathing into discomfort to help release the blockage. The more you practice yoga, the more aware you become of your body. This is particularly beneficial for identifying changes or pain, and tracking your progress as you improve in your practice.

Our bodies are very intelligent and learning to listen to them is a very powerful tool in your quest for wellbeing.


Help alleviate pain

A study conducted by Boston Medical Center on 320 participants who began yoga while taking some form of medication, revealed that after three months of training, only  half of those participants continued to take their medication. Showing a significant drop in pain relief medication dependency.

Conscious breathing



Connecting with your breath during yoga practice creates awareness of posture, alignment, and movement in the body. When we are not aligned, and also unaware, we cannot correct the imbalances within. Executing a pose to your highest ability is precisely where you want to be to reap the benefits of that movement - and breathwork can help you get there.

Connect to your breathing, close the door on distracting thoughts and be at one with your flow of energy.

Energy flow

In Hinduism, the energy that flows within our bodies giving us vitality is called Prana. A consistent yoga practice together with Pranayama, or the ‘science of breath’ can help this energy to flow throughout your body. In more familiar terms, prana can also be recognised by words such as vitality, life or spirit. When we suffer a prana block, you may feel lethargic, anxious, depressed and/or ill.

Unblock your chakras



When you breathe into a pose and release the tension pent up in that area, you have also released an energy blockage. Our seven chakras, which are our energy centers, can be cleared through the practice of yoga. Each energy center is responsible for providing vitality to our organs and when they are blocked, they can materialise into physical and emotional responses.

For example, when your heart chakra is blocked, you may notice symptoms of self-doubt or a loss of self-confidence. The ultimate synergy is found when all our energy centers flow freely.


Yoga is famous for relieving stress and anxiety. If you’ve ever taken a class, you will know that your worries are left at the door. Yoga is very demanding of your body, mind, and spirit leaving little room for anything else that does not serve your practice. Furthermore, releasing muscle tension and energy blockages has a direct benefit on your emotional health. When energy flows in our body, it goes where it is needed, and you will experience a state of balance.

Builds Strength



Muscles aren’t just created in the gym. When you think really hard about what gym exercises are, they’re simply mimics of everyday movements. A bicep curl is like lifting a heavy grocery bag, and a squat is a movement we do every time we go to sit down and stand up. Poses like the eagle pose is particularly great at building strength with the use of body weight.

Yoga incorporates many movements where you must support your own body weight for a set period of time, with repitition. This is a very similar method used in general fitness training to condition the body to build muscles. If you’re not a fan of the gym - try yoga to help you lose weight and sculpt your body.

We wish you every success in your yoga journey and your search for well-being.

“Yoga is not just repetition of few postures – it is more about the exploration and discovery of the subtle energies of life.”
–Amit Ray


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