7 Ways Travelling Can Help You De-Stress

by: Angus Munro

All the fun and excitement of travel makes it a natural antidote to stress. Whatever style of travel you prefer, getting away from the routine of normal life and totally immersing yourself in new places, cultures and experiences is a fantastic way to refresh your body and mind. Here are 7 of the most important ways a holiday can help you de-stress:

Savour the Anticipation

The benefits of a holiday start long before you get on the plane. Anticipation is a powerful positive emotion that psychologists believe is vital to living a fulfilling life. Having something fun to look forward to can be the light at the end of the tunnel that gets you through difficult times and gives you a goal to work towards.

The Power of Sunlight

Whether you’re lounging on the beach or by the pool, strolling through city streets or hiking through rugged mountains, all that sunlight is going to do you a world of good.

It’s well known that increased vitamin D uptake is great for your body but the sun’s rays are also a great mood enhancer and can also help regulate your body clock, ensuring you get a good rest at night and feel at your best during the day.

enjoy the outdoors

Enjoy the great outdoors!

Enjoy the Physical Perks

Whether you prefer physically demanding, fitness retreats or a peaceful spa break, the physical benefits to a good break are diverse and highly enriching. Reduced blood pressure, increased resistance to infection, weight loss and relief from muscle pain and tension are just a few of the physical perks of travelling.

treat yourself

Treat yourself once in a while

Unplug from Life

Day to day life is full of information flying at you from all directions- emails, texts, unfinished work, people and responsibilities all clamouring for your attention. This leads to a state of over-stimulation where the brain never gets a chance to unwind and you find yourself constantly harassed and unable to switch off.

Travelling is a great way to unplug yourself from all the noise of work and life, giving your body and mind a chance to reset and recuperate. Next time you go away, make a point of not taking work with you- leave your laptop at home, switch your phone off, and enjoy being properly away from everything.

Break the Routine

Just as it’s important to get away from the busyness of life, taking time out from the routine of coffee, housework, job stress and sleep can be hugely refreshing. Being stuck spending most of your waking life in the same place, doing the same thing can lead to a feeling of monotony and flatness, so even if you enjoy your job it’s important to shake things up once in a while.

Be Inspired

Stepping out from the normal sphere of existence can help you in ways that go beyond just letting you rest and recuperate. The lack of stress and worry can give you time to reflect on your life and think about the things that really matter, so you may come back from your time away with a new sense of inspiration or a new direction you want your life to go.

A holiday is a time for trying new things, gaining new life experiences and broadening your horizons, which can help you gain a new perspective on your life and where you want it to lead. As you meet new people, make new memories and experience different cultures you get to open your eyes to possibilities and opportunities you never knew existed.

Come back Refreshed

Once you’re back from your travels you may be amazed how refreshed you feel, and how much more able to deal with the demands of life you are. That’s because stress can interfere with your functioning in subtle but important ways like impairing your memory and problem solving abilities and reducing your ability to cope with difficulties. After a week of de-stressing you’ll find that you can throw yourself back into your life like never before.

Whatever style of holiday you enjoy, taking time for yourself is one of the best forms of stress relief treatment available. So if you feel like stress and busyness are taking over your life a bit of relaxation and travel might be the ideal answer.

breathe for a moment

Breathe for a moment.

About the Author

Angus Munro is a registered clinical psychologist and director of Angus Munro Psychology in Sydney. He excels in evidence-based therapies for a comprehensive range of Emotional and psychological challenges. One of his passions is engaging, educating and helping people work through all manner of mental health issues to live their best life.

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