5 Gym-Free Ways To Stay In Shape While Travelling

by: Monisha Iswaran

The last thing anyone wants to do be doing on their vacation is spending time in the hotel gym - you have sights to see and adventures to have! But then again, you don’t want to return from your holiday only to feel as though you’ve moved further away from your health and fitness goals. Here are 5 ways you can combat the seemingly inevitable holiday weight gain, and stay in shape without spending a single moment in the gym:

Create A Mini Gym-Free Workout Plan

People often associated fitness with trips to the gym, but when you’re on holiday, why not cut back on the amount of time you spend on your workout? However, this is not to say you can let it all go - as you are bound to be able to use your creativity to come up with substitutes. You may find that the furniture in your hotel room provides a platform for you to get innovative in how you work out! Once you get there, get the lay of the land and decide what your routine will be.

Depending on the type of holiday you are on, you’ll need to come up with a routine that fits around your schedule. If you have early morning sightseeing tours, perhaps the evening would be preferable. If you’re on a relaxing resort vacay in Bali, mornings would probably suit you just fine. Whatever the situation is, have a plan!

Multitask: Run & See The Sights

Multitasking is good in every scenario, even on holidays! Rather than staring at the walls of a hotel gym, why not take your workout into the sunshine (or cold weather - depending on where you are travelling to) and go sightseeing whilst on your daily run. You might hate getting up that little bit earlier, but at least you’re getting to see the gorgeous new city you are in, and get to explore whilst getting your workout in! If you’re travelling with your family, bring them too! Even if that means you’re pushing the little ones in a pram - that means you’ll burn more calories!

You might spot some places that would be great to revisit later - a great looking restaurant for dinner or a park you simply have to visit before leaving! No matter what, you’re bound to discover something to peak your interest on your run, and you’ll begin the day with a rush of endorphins which will make your holiday heaps more fun and energized!

run and see the sights

Run and see the sights!

Be Active In Your Day-To-Day Life

No matter where you are on vacation, there will be opportunities to opt for activities that get you moving. This can be so much more fun that your normal workout regime back home, as there are bound to be a whole host of activities you haven’t yet tried. Try a local dance class, or go hiking! You can even go further out of your comfort zone and try things you rarely do - kayaking, mountain climbing or simply wandering around and discovering your new surroundings (be safe though!) e.

Set Yourself A Goal Before You Leave

Most things in life get easier with goals, because you have something to work towards - and this is most definitely the case with health and fitness! Although you may not know the parameters of your surroundings, and what you will and won’t be able to do before you get there, you can set yourself certain broad goals prior to leaving home.

This could be something as simple as “I will be the same weight when I return” or I will be able to run X many kilometres by the time I am back.” Simple statements like this give you a mantra to repeat to yourself, that will get you through your workout when you would rather be at the hotel buffet.

Diet Is Just As Important As Exercise?

We all know the saying that health and weight maintenance is only 20-30% about exercise, whereas most of the rest comes down to what you’re eating. Of course, realistically you may not always be in places where you have many options - so cut yourself some slack and definitely try the local delicacies. However, you just have to do the best you can with what you have. You can certainly plan ahead so that if you know you’ll be travelling on a particular day, pack some healthy snacks from the nearby convenience store for the ride. Eating an apple or a muesli bar is far healthier than buying a packet of chips on the way!

healthy diet

Eating healthy goes hand in hand with exercise.


So there you have it - no excuses! You can stay in amazing shape on your travels without being stuck inside a gym for an hour a day. All the best on your impending adventures!

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