10 Best Adult-only Luxury Wellness Holidays

There are always plenty of different things to consider when you’re booking a healthy holiday, but have you ever thought about the ages of the other guests at your destination? After all, there’s a big difference between getting away with kids and getting away from kids. Whether they’re for couples in search of a little extra tranquillity or single travellers looking to mingle with a more mature crowd, adult-only holidays are worth looking into. At Health and Fitness Travel, we know that ‘adult-only holiday’ is a wide umbrella and a variety of exciting options fall under it, so we’ve prepared our 10 best venues for active, spa, fitness, solo and detox holidays around the world.

Active Adults

Adult active holidays are good for people who’d like some help getting off the couch, as well as people who are already used to an active lifestyle. These locations provide top of the line resources and guidance so that you can enjoy everything from traditional sports to more extreme adventures and nature-centred activities. Of course, these holidays are all about creating well-rounded healthy retreats that cater to more than just the body. Guests can count on a number of other benefits ranging from spa facilities and yoga to cooking classes and wellness programs. With the encouragement of like-minded people, and no one to slow you down, now’s the time to get active.

Mexico: Rancho La Puerta

Situated in a lush valley amid the stony hills of California’s Baha region, Rancho La Puerta offers adults a generous selection of activities to enrich their mental, spiritual and physical well-being. With up to 45 different activities to choose from a day, you can start with a sunrise hike, and fill your day with a variety of different classes from tennis to yoga, and dance to Pilates; perfect for anyone looking to stay active. Each evening the Ranch has a variety of lectures or activities to take part in, like motivational workshops and movies, to ensure that you get the most out of your stay. No matter what you’re into, Rancho la Puerta has no shortage of ways to keep you moving, and all at the pace that best suits you.

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Rancho la Puerta, Mexico

Reads Hotel, Spain

Mallorca: Reads

At Reads, on the Spanish island of Mallorca, adults can enrol on one of the four-day cycling breaks for a thrilling experience of the Tramuntana Mountain range, or other less difficult regions depending on what they’re comfortable with. These cycling trips are demanding, but the Vespasian spa facilities include pools, relaxation lounges and other great ways to unwind afterwards. In addition to cycling our Fusion Fitness break at Reads offers everything from Boxercise and yoga to TRX and tennis, and can be tailored to accommodate your goals and interests. No matter which set of activities you choose, there’s still plenty of down time to take advantage of the gourmet food and tranquil grounds of this luxurious Mediterranean retreat, not to mention the highly-trained staff working to ensure you have a positive experience.

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Spa Adults

When so much of what ails us comes down to stress, the best way to find wellness is a nice relaxing stint at a spa. Our adult-only spa holidays offer a variety of different well-being experiences from Ayurvedic therapy, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, wraps, facials, massages and more. But don’t just let these idyllic retreats de-stress you for a short time, with yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates classes, you can take what you’ve learnt away with you and make stress reduction a way of life.

Bali: Como Shambhala

You might not know it, but when you daydream of escaping to a tropical paradise, you’re dreaming about Bali. From its sprawling beaches to its dizzying volcanic peaks, this Indonesian gem is blessed with natural beauty and Como Shambhala Estate is located right at the heart of the island. Considering its lush surroundings and natural spring water, it’s hard to imagine a better setting for a holistic spa holiday, but Como Shambhala also features nutritious food, soothing therapies and a variety of group activities aimed at improving physical and spiritual health. With everything from meditation to massage, the spa’s friendly experts can find the right relaxation solutions for everyone. And once you start to feel refreshed, you can take it up a notch with adventure activities like hiking and rafting.

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Como Shambhala, Bali

La Clairiere, France

France: La Clairiere

There’s a kind of calm in quiet woods that you can’t find anywhere else and at La Clairiere’s spa, the surrounding forests of Alsace provide guests with an atmosphere of profound serenity. Guests can embrace the outdoors and reap the benefits of the oxygen-rich air on walks among the trees. But the striking setting is only one aspect of the spa’s holistic approach to relaxation and renewal. Guests can also look forward to gourmet organic food; pools and saunas; a variety of traditional treatments and therapies; and advice from experienced well-being professionals. All of these elements come together to create a healthy break that’s sure to help you get out from under that pile of stress and back into top form.

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Fitness Adults

Going on holiday isn’t just good for relaxation; it’s also a great opportunity to get back into shape. If the hustle and bustle of your daily routine has been keeping you from working out, one of our adult-only fitness holidays can help you make a fresh start and lay the groundwork for some healthy new habits as well. There’s an extremely wide range of diverse classes and activities on offer at these venues, so whether you’re into dance or kick boxing, you’ll find something to get you moving.

Ibiza: 38 Degrees North 

With 38 Degrees North on the stunning Mediterranean island of Ibiza, adults can put fitness at the top of their agenda with the Optimal Fitness Retreat. After an initial consultation, this program offers an extensive selection of guided group activities and classes, like mountain biking, kayaking, aqua spinning and cardio circuits, to help whip you into shape. There are even rooftop yoga sessions with coastal panoramas! If you’re more interested in one on one instruction and private activities, our Fusion Fitness holiday is another great option at Aguas de Ibiza. Whether you’re doing a coastal run or a guided hike, you’ll get the extra attention you’re looking for and no matter what activities you fill your day with, you can always look forward to winding down at the spa.

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Aguas de Ibiza, Spain

Chiva Som, Thailand

Thailand: Chiva Som 

On the coast of tropical Thailand, the experts at Chiva Som offer adults a holistic approach to health and one of the most comprehensive fitness schedules around. The personal training options at this luxury spa include Kinesis, Pilates, Body Conditioning and private boot camps and guests can also enrol in up to eight classes a day. With everything available from Tai Chi to beach power walking in the shade of palm trees and reformer Pilates to Zumba, there’s no shortage of ways to keep busy and improve your personal fitness levels. Not only does the staff help you to improve your physical health, they also work with you on mental and spiritual wellness with things like meditation and learning how to manage stress.

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Solo Adults

While couples and groups tend to keep to themselves on holiday, solo adults often look forward to meeting new people and they deserve holiday options that reflect that. That’s why our adult singles holidays are designed to offer more opportunities for solo travellers to socialise with each other. What better way to mingle then during a shared new experience like a fitness class or at a solos table over a delicious dinner and drinks? When it comes down to it, all travellers have at least their journey in common, if not more, and our solo-friendly holidays provide the chance you need to make the most of that common ground.

Thailand: Kamalaya 

At Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa Resort, you can experience a great solo-friendly South Asian getaway. Located on the Thai island of Koh Samui, this luxury wellness holiday offers an extensive range of group classes like super stretch, fitball, aqua aerobics and yoga, where solo adults can meet and mingle. In addition to these activities, Kamalaya’s dining experiences can also be very social. If you pull up a chair at Soma Restaurant’s community table, you can strike up a conversation with other like-minded people while you all enjoy the tantalisingly fresh food. Whether or not you’re sharing this little slice of paradise, there are plenty of facilities to enjoy on your own, like the 24 hour library or the variety of available spa treatments.

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Kamalaya, Thailand

The BodyHoliday, St Lucia

St Lucia: The BodyHoliday 

For a Caribbean spa holiday with a lively atmosphere, a wide variety of activities, a superb wellness centre and fresh locally sourced food, The BodyHoliday at LeSport is an excellent choice. Located on the beautiful island of St. Lucia, LeSport offers a long list of fitness classes, so whether you sign up for Beach Fit or BodySpin you’ll have great chances to meet other guests with similar goals of weight loss, body toning or learning to de-stress. After a satisfying day of scuba diving or golf, travellers can also meet each other around the solos table at LeSport’s cosy Piano Bar while they relax and enjoy the live entertainment. Please note that, while the spa is child-free all year round, The BodyHoliday accepts children over 12 during July and August.

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Detox Adults

With all of the stressful demands of modern life, it can be easy to slip into a number of unhealthy habits, but our adult-only detox holidays can help you clean out your system, get focused and get back on the right track. The superb selection of eastern and western treatments works to re-energise and harmonise the mind, body and spirit. This refined approach to wellness involves careful attention to diet and activity, but it also allows room for fun, games and adventures. After all, spa therapies are perfectly compatible with golf, hiking and mountain biking.

India: Ananda Detox in the Himalayas

Located at the feet of the tallest mountains on earth, Ananda offers a truly unique adult-only healthy holiday experience. This Himalayan spa retreat combines a controlled diet with the best western and traditional Indian treatments to provide guests with a clear path towards mental, physical and spiritual wellness. The thorough detox program includes a variety of detoxifying therapies from Abhyanga to earth stone massages; but there’s plenty of extra time built into the cleansing schedule so you can still enjoy lots of other activities like yoga, meditation, cooking classes, and a range of excursions into the culturally and naturally rich surrounding areas.

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Ananda in the Himalayas, India

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

Spain: SHA Detox 

Situated on a hilltop with sweeping views overlooking Spain’s Mediterranean coast, SHA Wellness Clinic offers guests a wide variety of ways to achieve wellness and develop long-term life-changing strategies. For example, in addition to enjoying the immediate benefits of their macrobiotic cuisine, you can also take lessons in healthy cooking and apply what you’ve learned to your future diet. Of course food is only one aspect of rejuvenation process with a variety of detoxifying treatments from hydro aromatherapy to lymphatic drainage massage. When you’re not enjoying one of these invigorating sessions, you can take advantage of SHA’s other facilities and activities.

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