Venture to the Sahyadri Range where 40 acres of unspoiled views overlooking Mulshi Lake provide the backdrop for Atmantan Wellness Resort. Discover the unique architecture as every building has been designed to coexist beautifully with the natural landscape and all programmes are designed to give you the very best relaxing wellness experience. Nestled within the heart of nature, Atmantan offers a fully encompassing experience to improve your well-being, the ultimate goal on completion of your wellness holiday is to unite mind, body, and soul.

Programmes at Atmantan Wellness Resort

7 NIGHTS FROM $4,800 pp Other durations available
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7 NIGHTS FROM $4,800 pp Other durations available
Details & Booking
7 NIGHTS FROM $5,845 pp Other durations available
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7 NIGHTS FROM $5,115 pp Other durations available
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7 NIGHTS FROM $5,845 pp Other durations available
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7 NIGHTS FROM $4,800 pp Other durations available
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7 NIGHTS FROM $4,800 pp Other durations available
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7 NIGHTS FROM $6,125 pp Other durations available
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7 NIGHTS FROM $4,800 pp Other durations available
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7 NIGHTS FROM $4,800 pp Other durations available
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7 NIGHTS FROM $4,800 pp Other durations available
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3 NIGHTS FROM $2,960 pp Other durations available
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NIGHTS FROM $Please Enquire Other durations available
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Location Overview

Located in a stunning valley overlooking impressive Sahyadri mountains and the tranquil Mulshi Lake in northern India. This retreat is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the Mumbai streets, with the pure valley air and peaceful atmosphere radiating from the undisturbed natural landscape. Experience the serenity of the luxury spa offering specialist treatments that seek to unite the holistic healing approach to health and wellness with the majestic mountain destination.


At Atmantan all the nutritious cuisine is organically sourced and produced from the on-site farm. All the food is rich in nutrients, with a strong emphasis on portion control as you choose from Ayurvedic and macrobiotic diet options to authentic Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Each of the three restaurants offers a different dining experience, from the daily juice bar to energise you all day long to the relaxed dining lounge perfect for evening relaxation and the main restaurant for a holistic dining experience with breath-taking views.


The modern juice bar, meaning ‘inner energy’ in Sanskrit, provides a bistro service of luxurious healthy dishes, all prepared at the last moment to ensure high quality and fresh produce. A variety of teas and juices will offer a colourful and soothing beverage that can be enjoyed amid 360 degree views of the regal mountain and lake surroundings.


Translated as ‘the sparkling night sky’ lounge, the majestic atmosphere encourages innovative grills and interactive dining experiences. The stylish décor adds to the creative ambiance perfect for a relaxing barbeque evening.


The main dining area, aptly named as ‘the spectacular view’ offers a surreal indoor and outdoor fine dining experience overlooking the tranquil Mulshi Lake. Enjoy the creative and nourishing spa cuisine in this majestic and holistic dining area.

Facilities & Services


3 restaurants (Main dining, barbeque lounge and juice bar)
Indoor sports complex
Fitness facility
Hair salon
Souvenir outlet
Outdoor meditation pavilion


Free parking
Wheelchair access
Dry cleaning
Conference facilities
Laundry service
Banquet room

Accommodation Overview

The very definition of splendour, Atmantan ensures that you spend your stay in the utmost luxury.  You will sleep like royalty in the King-sized beds and wake up to the majestic landscape of the Mulshi Lake and Sahyadri mountain range, as the suites house ultra-modern floor-to-ceiling views.  Be entirely self-sufficient with the Mango & Rain Tree villas, where you’ll have access to your own private gymnasium, an infinity pool that denies belief and your own personal butler’s pantry.

Asoka & Arjuna Garden Groves

Acacia & Amaltas Lake Grove

Mango Tree Villa

Wellness Facilities

The Spa

In the blissful and undisturbed natural haven, nestled within the stunning Sahyadri mountains and glittering waters of the Mulshi Lake, awaits the exclusive Atmantan spa. The Atmantan wellness experts offer an extensive spa menu focusing on a carefully selected range of therapeutic remedies and treatments to complement your individual wellness aspirations. A holistic healing combination of traditional Ayurveda, aromatherapy and purifying body polishes, wraps and cleanses will help to rejuvenate your body by enhancing the process of self-healing. The spa also offers specialised treatments supported by medical research and development, including open-colonic treatments, pranic healing and balneotherapy.

Wellness Approach

Atmantan’s wellness approach is designed to be both transformative and educational, of which their founding philosophy is based on.  The certified wellness experts will help you learn how to nourish your mind and body with nutritional advice, functional fitness exercises and harmonising massages to ensure a holistic lifestyle overhaul on your well-being.

Accessible Facilities

- Restaurants
- Pool
- Treatments rooms
- Sports activities
- Private classes recommended instead of group
- 1 x Room wheelchair accessible with pull cords
- Grab rails in bathroom and pool
- Large print menus
- Buggies / carts
- Map
- Doctor / nurse on site
- First Aid Kit

Added Value

Exclusive for Health and Fitness Travel guests

  • Atmantan signature gift box (min 7 nights stay)

Special Offers

Our Reviews

  • Adam’s Review of Atmantan Wellness Resort, India

    Having launched in 2016, Atmantan Wellness Resort is still in its infancy, yet what it lacks in age, it makes up for in just about everything else. A luxury haven just outside of the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and Pune, enjoy the tranquil ambience of an adult-only retreat surrounded by like-minded individuals in an environment that emits spirituality. Nikhil, the founder of the resort is a keen…

Guest Reviews

  • 234veena, Trip Advisor Review

    Visited October 2016

    Atmantan is as its name suggests. It's a classy, high end health resort, which gives you an option of how hardcore you want your health regime to be. It offers you a full variety of classes in types of yoga, dance and meditation, plus treatment and massage routines, all collectively planned for your individual needs... to focus on your physical, mental and emotional health. Service is excellent, staff is super friendly and surprisingly, all speak good English too! Food is fine dining style, but all healthy. Of course, there is a cafe where you can cheat sometimes and binge! The ambience, scenery and surroundings are serene and rejuvenating. Senior citizens would equally be happy here. Not only that, a wonderful place to go solo, rediscover yourself, and spend some quality ME time!

  • 100nandz, Trip Advisor Review

    Visited September 2016

    Beautiful views, healthy eating, relaxing spa treatments, great weather coupled with excellent hospitality and quiet lavish rooms to retire to when you want privacy - this description still does not cut the experience my husband and I had when we checked in to Atmantan!! Visit to experience it for yourself. There are activities to indulge in for the more adventurous and energetic so there's something for everyone to keep busy and entertained - so if you fancy a relaxing massage or a private yoga session, if you prefer to workout with a physical trainer or break away to meditate by yourself - this is where you are meant to be! And anyway you'll be met by a wellness consultant on arrival to help you customize your stay. Loved every moment of it and look forward to going back soon!!!

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