Traditional Healing for the Modern World with Sebastian Tapia

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Sebastian Tapia studies traditional healing modalities from around the world, working to apply them to our modern day challenges. He facilitates one on one healings, teacher trainings and shamanic healing retreats all over the world.





Can you walk us through your journey?

This realm of work has been something I always understood at a very subconscious level since I was young. I am lucky enough to have indigenous South American ancestry and I think this provided a solid foundation to support my decisions later in life.


It started the day after my Uni finals. I had a strong feeling this was not where I needed to put my energy and effort but was confused as to my next steps. I treated myself to a splurge at the local crystal store where I ended up also receiving a psychic reading that gave me more insight as to where I should be putting my focus. This woman recommended I come back in a few days to see a shamanic healer and we became close friends. Long story short that day catalyzed a series of events that eventually led me to meeting Melanie Procter, owner of Phuket Cleanse, a yoga and fitness retreat in Thailand. We met in the US because we lived in the same city in Tampa Bay, Florida. About six months after I arrived to Thailand I came into contact with the shaman who I am in apprenticeship with now, who funny enough lives just a few hours from my hometown in New York. I share this now because I want your readers to understand that when you take a leap of faith and trust in yourself, you are always supported by positive energy, people, places and situations. You attract the things that will help you continue your journey and it is this constant flowing cycle of gratitude for what you have and trust in the process that propels you forward.


Crystal meditation


What role do you think shamanic healing practices play in the modern age?

Great question. There is quite a lot of confusion around this topic so lets take a step back a view the role of the shaman or spiritual leader across different cultures. All over the Earth, Indigenous cultures have, for thousands of years had different tools, external and internal to essentially reach the same end of goal of harmony with the world around them, seen and unseen. You have now a world of disconnected people looking for some deeper understanding of themselves and their true purpose. We live in a world steeped in illusion and it is apart of our higher calling to let go of this illusion and come back into better connection with the things that are most important to us. We have given our power away via many different channels and at its most basic level, the role of the modern day shaman or shamanic healer is to help the individual put the pieces of themselves they have lost back together to create a whole, complete and vibrant person who lives in their power, in their truth and with their purpose. A person who is in full awareness of the beauty of everything around them and choses to tap into that stream of energy to help themselves and others.


We’ve seen your work with Ajna Light. How would you describe it?  

The Ajna Light is a tool that allows you to access your own innate wisdom and intuition in the quickest and easiest way possible, even if you have no past meditation experience. To use an analogy, this inward journey of reflection can be imagined as being given the task of trekking in the snow to reach your next destination. The Ajna Light is like a warm coat and pair of snow shoes that make the process much easier and enjoyable. On a more scientific level it is allowing you to access different brain wave frequencies that were once only possible by means of advanced meditation practice. Accessing this level of subconscious in oneself, you enhance your neuroplasticity in a way that allows you to change limiting beliefs and engrained negative patterns at the root of their cause quicker than ever before.


Ajna Light Therapy session with Sebastian


How can people benefit from Ajna Light Therapy and who is it for?

People are craving for more connection. Connection to themselves and real meaningful connection to everyone else around them. They are given a glimpse of this while they are on their detox holiday, and they wish to take it back with them any way they can. People can go back home from their experiences with a new, deeper drive to find true purpose in their lives, with tools that will allow them to keep up the work they have just started. The Ajna Light experience is for anyone who is ready to do some inner exploring and step into more of their best and most authentic self and leave the old doubts, worries and fears behind them.


What has been the most common reaction or feedback from those who have experienced Ajna Light?

People are generally amazed at their own intuitive ability once they allow themselves to use the simple, quiet time to evaluate things without any distraction that Light therapy provides them. I tend to find that people answer their own questions and interpret their experiences with very little guidance or suggestion from me once they drop any expectation and learn how to be present during their experience. People come away with a deeper sense of confidence in themselves and a clearer plan of action as to what will make them happier and feel more fulfilled in daily life. People are also able to confront their limiting beliefs and patterns of self sabotage that sometimes run all the way back into childhood. Once they move through the difficulty of this process they are quickly rewarded by seeing just how much space for the new and positive they have created after letting go of the old.

Ajna Light Creator Guy Harriman (Left) and Sebastian Tapia (Right)

Stress and anxiety are prevalent in society, what are your recommendations on how to deal with these issues?

I’m going to share with you all a technique I send clients home with in their follow up program. They come from a book by Mel Robins called the five second rule. When something triggers your stressful and anxious reaction, quickly countdown 5,4,3,2,1 and replace those thoughts and emotions with excitement. In the case of my clients, I suggest they quickly replace the negative with excitement about the things we worked on attracting and manifesting into their lives during their sessions. This helps you to take control of your emotions that are really the most powerful tools we have as they act like magnets that attract more opportunity to feel that same emotion, whether they are positive or negative. The longer you can spend on the positive side of the spectrum, the easier you allow all the positive manifestations to reach you.


If you had to recommend one simple lifestyle change, what would it be?

The simplest and most practical lifestyle change I can recommend is to let gratitude flow into as many different facets of your life as possible. That starts with gratitude for you simply being you, even if there are things you are ready to change about yourself. Gratitude for yourself can be eating more healthfully and taking more time to support the things that make you most happy. Gratitude for everything you already have builds the foundation to send gratitude into the future for the things that you don’t have quite just yet, but now have the quickest shortcut possible to you via the energy of gratitude and trust that they will come. You can read all the books you want and try all the techniques you can find, but ultimately it is your simple desire to change and step into a new you that will drive your car forward. Gratitude is like the petrol that powers the car.


What are your top tips for living a balanced and healthy life?

The first and only tip you need is education. There is so much overwhelming evidence as to why it is so important to incorporate as many holistic and healthy lifestyle choices as possible that once you learn them, you cant unlearn them. Once you learn you will have a deep strive to find the way in which the knowledge can best work for you at any given time so that you can help yourself and help others as much as possible



What is next for you?

First things first I’m escaping the wettest part of Thailand’s rainy season and going into a freezing Australian winter for August and September. Before that spending some time in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore doing some very cool collaborations with the inventor of Ajna Light Therapy, Guy Harriman! I’m going to be focusing on my shamanic studies in August but expect September events in Melbourne Sydney Brisbane and Byron Bay! After that back to Thailand until its time for more travel and retreat hosting in 2019! Until my website is finished I post inspirational content and event updates via my Instagram @sebastiantapiashamanism.