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Meet the Team

Here you can discover more about our team, what we love, our favourite healthy holidays, best spas, favourite destinations, activities and our top travel and health tips.

Samantha Lippiatt

Director of Health and Fitness Travel Australia
Samantha Lippiatt

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Aro Ha, New Zealand
Favourite Spa: Fusion Maia, Vietnam
Favourite Treatment: Neck and Shoulder massage (particularly after a long flight)
Favourite Destinations: Fiji, Mexico and Hawaii
Favourite Activity: Kiteboarding

Top Travel Tip: Pack a 'survival kit' for the plane; ear plugs, socks, toiletries, hydrating mist and moisturising cream and drink plenty of water.

Top Health Tip: Start small, make lasting changes and always exercise in the morning as it will set you up for a great day.

Most Memorable Travel Experience: Swimming with a group of whale sharks in the open ocean off the coast of Mexico.

About: Samantha heads up the Australian division of Health and Fitness Travel and has an unbridled enthusiasm for all things travel, health and fitness. With her experience in both industries she extends the perfect combination of health and well-being experiences to the Southern Hemisphere, for our local clientele enabling them to embrace a healthy holiday in line with their personal health and fitness goals. When not in the office Samantha can usually be found at the beach or in the ocean taking part in her two favourite hobbies of kiteboarding and scuba diving.

Paul Joseph

co-founder and Director

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Kamalaya, Thailand
Favourite Spa: Porto Elounda, Crete
Favourite Treatment: Bolus Bag Massage (an Ayurvedic treatment)
Favourite Destinations: The Caribbean, Ibiza, New York and Italy
Favourite Activity: Yoga

Top Travel Tip:
Support your immune system with a daily probiotic supplement when travelling.

Top Health Tip:
Energise yourself every day with a simple practice of pranayama yogic breathing exercises to increase your mental, emotional and physical health.

Most Memorable Travel Experience:
Climbing Petit Piton in St Lucia

Paul co-founded Health and Fitness Travel to combine his passion for travel with health and fitness. Paul has vast knowledge and experience in the well-being industry and was never one for fly and flop holidays; he created a travel company that would appeal to both men and women offering a high-class personalised and seamless service to find people the best wellness holidays. Paul’s other love is exercise, cycling and yoga and he also contributes to various high-profile media publications where he offers his expert advice on healthy holidays.

Adam Heathcote

co-founder and Director

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Como Shambhala, Bali
Favourite Spa: Ananda in the Himalayas, India
Favourite Treatment: Taksu massage (a local Balinese invigorating massage)
Favourite Destinations: India, Thailand, Bali
Favourite Activity: Tennis

Top Travel Tip:
Make the most of your time and space in the airport lounge to stretch before your flight, it will make the duration of your flight more comfortable.

Top Health Tip:
Try to spend just 10 minutes a day meditating by observing your thoughts with no judgement. It will bring clarity to your day-to-day thinking.

Most Memorable Travel Experience:
Climbing Mt Abang in Bali, it was a true experience of fitness, discovery and nature.

Adam co-founded Health and Fitness Travel out of his desire to live from health and happiness and to share this with others. His understanding of well-being combined with his passion to travel, explore and understand the world makes him the ideal person to offer advice on where to go. Adam’s expertise lies in computing technology; creating and innovating for the future in an ever-changing digital world. Adam often plays tennis and golf and when he’s not cycling you will find him free of thought on a meditation retreat.

Laura Burden

Travel Specialist

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Paradis Plage, Morocco
Favourite Spa: SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain
Favourite Treatment: Deep tissue massage
Favourite Destinations: The Caribbean, Spain and Cuba
Favourite Activity: Surfing

Top Travel Tip: Remember to take a jumper with you on the plane as the air con can make you cold.

Top Health Tip: It's easy to forget to stretch but it can lead to better posture and fewer aches and pains.

Most Memorable Travel Experience: Staying with a hill tribe on the Burmese Border.

About: Having grown up on the Isle of Wight, Laura loves the sea and is at her happiest when surfing and windsurfing. She loves to be outdoors and also has massive passion for salsa dancing; we regularly have her showing off her moves in the office! She has been working in travel for over 10 years and loves exploring. She also has a passion for languages and is currently studying Spanish.

Olivia Trussell

Travel Specialist
Olivia Trussell

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Kamalaya, Thailand
Favourite Spa: The Golden Door Elysia
Favourite Treatment: Hot stone massage
Favourite Destinations: Thailand, Byron Bay, Bali & Canada
Favourite Activity: Yoga, meditation, trampoline with my son and walking my dog

Top Travel Tip: Allow yourself time to relax into a place. There is no need to rush here and there to attempt discovering everything – the result being ‘exhausted’. Make the most of your “me time”, time to reflect and ponder. Be present, be mindful and be yourself. Travel should reflect what you love about life along with a few little challenges along the way, to provide growth and learning. Take a journal and pour your heart out to yourself along the way. Drink heaps of green tea and water. Bliss.

Top Health Tip: Breathe deeply. When you catch yourself short of breath, bring yourself back to your breath. This can relieve stress and anxiety.

Most Memorable Travel Experience: Discovering a Monk’s temple in Paris.

About: Olivia is a Wellbeing Coach, Pilates teacher and meditation practitioner. She is a Certified Holistic Counsellor (CHC). Olivia has worked at two of the world's premium and award winning health retreats in management roles. Her passion for healthy travel has led her to work alongside Health and Fitness Travel as she loves to inspire others to find themselves whilst they embark on a lifetime of healthy holidays. Olivia believes a good health retreat can become addictive. She was the Program Manager at The Golden Door and knows this first hand. Olivia was inspired to work at health retreats as she knows how transformative they are – with her background she was able to impart her knowledge in the perfect setting.

Claudia Battisti

Travel Sales Manager
Claudia Battisti

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Ti Sana, Italy
Favourite Spa: Vilalara Longevity, Portugal
Favourite Treatment: Ayurvedic Massage
Favourite Destinations: Brazil, Italy, Bali & India
Favourite Activity: Yoga

Top Travel Tip: Holidays are the perfect time to give your body the chance to speak. Be kind to yourself, do only what feels right for you, rest when you need, drink lots of water and eat foods rich in vitamins and fibre.

Top Health Tip: Your body is your temple and your mind is the creator of your reality. Let them work together by exercising regularly and keeping a positive attitude.

Most Memorable Travel Experience: Swimming with giant turtles in open sea at the island of Fernando de Noronha, on the coast of Brazil.

About: Having grown up between the Brazilian coast and the Italian alps, Claudia loves the sea, the mountains and everything outdoors. Yoga and meditation are part of her daily routine and she loves to cook using macrobiotic techniques. Claudia has been working in travel for over 10 years and has a great passion for wellness. She is also a language enthusiast and is currently perfecting her fifth language.

Fiona Sutherland

Travel Specialist & Product Executive
Fiona Sutherland

Favourite Healthy Holiday: The Body Camp, Ibiza
Favourite Spa: Lefay Resort & Spa, Lake Garda
Favourite Treatment: Head Massage
Favourite Destinations: Italy, Thailand & New Zealand
Favourite Activity: Hiking, Skiing & Ultimate Frisbee

Top Travel Tip: Talk with fellow travellers and locals, you never know who you might meet or what you could learn.

Top Health Tip: A good night’s sleep will leave you feeling renewed, allowing you to reap the heath rewards of a fresh body and mind.

Most Memorable Travel Experience: Completing a five week, 9000-mile road trip across the USA. Highlights included camping beneath the towering branches of the largest trees in the world and swimming in the crystal blue waters of the deepest lake in the United States.

About: Since a young age Fiona has always searched for adventure, from sailing voyages in Scotland, to Via Ferrata and climbing in the Alps, she is happiest when in the outdoors exploring somewhere new. Upon leaving school, Fiona travelled to Spain to immerse herself in the culture and to learn the language. She is now just as comfortable ordering tapas in a café in Salamanca, as ordering a fresh smoothie at the office’s local health shop. She is now excited to be sharing her passion for wellness travel whilst working at Health and Fitness Travel.

Raymond Viola

PR & Marketing Assistant

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Phuket Cleanse Detox & Fitness, Thailand
Favourite Spa: Amatara Wellness Resort, Thailand
Favourite Treatment: Aromatherapy Massage
Favourite Destinations: Spain, Bali, and Philippines
Favourite Activity: Spin class

Top Travel Tip: Don't risk sunburn, always keep sunscreen handy.

Top Health Tip: Be good to your gut, heart and skin and incorporate more fibre to your diet.

Most Memorable Travel Experience: Exploring the hidden beaches and lagoons of El Nido, Philippines.

About: Immersed in diverse fields of interests, Raymond keeps himself balanced by maintaining a consistent effort in his overall fitness. He switches it up by going from a routine weight training to different sorts of activities like spinning, swimming and muay thai. Raymond loves everything about visual arts, graphic novels and music and is still very enthusiastic to further his passion when not at work.

Manuel Blancaver

Travel Specialist
manuel new.jpg

Favourite Healthy Holiday: The Body Holiday, St Lucias
Favourite Spa: Como Shambhala Estate , Bali
Favourite Treatment: Royal Ayurvedic Traditional Four Hand Massage
Favourite Destinations: Bali, The Caribbean, Croatia, Philippines and Costa Rica
Favourite Activity: Mixed Martials Arts and Hiking

Top Travel Tip: Pack less when you travel. Not only does it make your travel cheaper without all the check-in luggage fees, but you will also travel faster and easier.

Top Health Tip: Change your diet mentality of worrying about how food makes you gain or lose weight. Focus more on the idea of eating the right food to nourish your body adding elements of exercise and activities to boost your overall well-being.

Most Memorable Travel Experience: Climbing Mt. Pulag in the Philippines.

About: Manuel has an appetite for learning different healthy lifestyle programs around the world. He has made a firm commitment to keep himself active with a variety of fitness pursuits, from extreme outdoor activities and circuit training to his all-time passion, Martial Arts. He loves traveling to different places and takes pleasure in going to isolated islands where he can clear his head and practice mindfulness through meditation.

Enah Laroza

Marketing & Admin Assistant

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Ti Sana, Italy
Favourite Spa: Kamalaya, Thailand
Favourite Treatment: Full Body Massage
Favourite Destinations: Italy, Germany and Philippines
Favourite Activity: Freediving

Top Travel Tip: Reconnect yourself with nature by disconnecting from the world the of Internet. Allow yourself to breathe for a moment.

Top Health Tip: The simplest and fastest way to de-stress is to take 10 deep breaths.

Most Memorable Travel Experience: Exploring the cobbled streets of Rome, Italy while eating a pistachio flavored gelato.

About: Enah is a wilderness explorer, a travel blogger and a graphic artist. She’s a fan of European football and loves baking. Enah believes that people should live and thirst for adventure, especially while they're young. Enah sees travelling as an effective way to learn more about the world – its beauty, its people and the cultural differences.

Nicolle Whitaker

Health and Fitness Travel Associate
Travel Manager itravel
Nicole Whitaker

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Como Shambhala Estate, Bali
Favourite Spa: Kamalaya, Thailand
Favourite Treatment: Heated herbal ball massage
Favourite Destinations: Bali, South Africa, Canada
Favourite Activity: Yoga, bush walking, and sound meditation

Top Travel Tip: : Go with the flow, plan well but be open to new experiences and the unknown.

Top Health Tip: Drink water, lots of it.

Most Memorable Travel Experience: Exploring South Africa and its everchanging landscapes.

About: Nicolle is passionate about travel so much so she made it her career, and has spent the last 25 years working in the tourism industry, booking numerous wonderful holidays for her clients. Nicolle has travelled a great deal overseas herself as well as working in the UK, Canada and South Africa. With a love of yoga as well as health and fitness she is now associated with Health and Fitness Travel to combine both her passions and to co-ordinate many more clients on a wonderful holiday with their goals of health, fitness and travel. When not working Nicolle is spending time with her family and friends enjoying the simple things in life. (and dreaming of her next holiday!)

Leah Harrison

Health and Fitness Travel Associate
Malvern Travel & Cruise

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Oceano Hotel Health Spa, Spain
Favourite Spa: The BARAI Spa, Thailand
Favourite Treatment: Full body relaxation massage
Favourite Destinations: Croatia, Italy and Fiji
Favourite Activity: Yoga and walking through beautiful nature

Top Travel Tip: : Rather than rushing around to ‘tick off’ another city, allow yourself enough time to truly soak up the destination you’re in.

Top Health Tip: Don’t focus on ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods. Focus on nourishing your body, drink lots of water and try to include some activity daily.

Most Memorable Travel Experience: Hiking the beautiful coastline of the Cinque Terre in Italy.

About: Leah is a natural jet-setter who loves everything about travel, history and immersing herself in different cultures from all over the world. She likes to be around nature, exploring lush jungles and forests afoot. Her keen interest for health and fitness centers on maintaining a sound mind, body and soul and this reflects on her passion for helping people get the best out of their retreat. Leah also loves practicing yoga and meditation and on her downtime, you can find her indulging in relaxation massages and aromatherapy.