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Healthy Honeymoons

healthy honeymoons service

Begin your happily ever after on one of our luxury Healthy Honeymoons. Tailor-make your idyllic escape with a wealth of hand-picked romantic destinations and activities. Whether you are looking to begin married life on a secluded sun-kissed beach or getting active amongst tropical jungles, celebrate your new life together with wellness and luxury.

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Luxury Spa Honeymoons

Cultural Wellness Honeymoons

Adventure & Wellness Honeymoons

Honeymoon Activity Holidays

Prepare to be pampered in lavish surroundings in dream destinations on one of our luxury spa honeymoons. Unwind side-by-side with your loved one as you indulge in divine spa treatments at one of our exquisite worldwide destinations.

Get the best of both worlds when you escape on a cultural and wellness honeymoon. Immerse yourselves in vibrant local culture, before soaking up the rays on idyllic beaches and indulging in spa treatments at one of our luxury wellness retreats.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone - start yours together on an adventure and wellness honeymoon. Begin the exciting journey of married life throwing yourselves into exhilarating activities whilst discovering exotic destinations.

Kick start married life by going on a honeymoon activity holiday. From tennis or Tai Chi, to cycling or diving, the wide range of activities in our luxury destinations will keep you and your newlywed entertained from day to night.

Our most popular holidays...
  > Fusion Maia
  > Kamalaya

Our most popular holidays...
  > Bali Discover Recover
  > Philippines Discover Recover

Our most popular holidays...
  > Florblanca
  > Zighy Bay

Our most popular holidays...
> The BodyHoliday
> Rancho La Puerta


fitness honeymoonsbeach honeymoonsultimate luxury wellness honeymoonstwin multi centre honeymoons healthy multimoons

Fitness Honeymoons

Beach Wellness Honeymoons

Ultimate Luxury Wellness Honeymoons

Healthy Multimoons

Step into married life fighting fit on one of our fitness honeymoons. Whether jungle trekking in Asia or beach boxing in the Caribbean, spend your days enjoying heart-pumping activities, before recovering with rejuvenating spa treatments.

Choose a forever favourite beach honeymoon and relax with your loved one on sun-kissed sands at one of our idyllic destinations. The wellness aspect of our retreats offers a unique and healthy spin on this well-loved honeymoon classic.

Your honeymoon should be the most memorable holiday you take as a couple, so why not spend it in extravagant luxury? Our ultimate luxury wellness honeymoons offer you incomparable 5* healthy retreats in exquisite worldwide destinations.

See the world and find something to please you both by combining multiple resorts and destinations with our tailor-made Healthy Multimoons. Embark on a sports holiday in Thailand before jetting to Indonesia on a spa escape.

Our most popular holidays...
  > Thanyapura
  > Red Mountain

Our most popular holidays...
  > Shanti Maurice
  > Carlisle Bay

Our most popular holidays...
  > Antara Palace
  > Karkloof Safari Spa

Our most popular holidays...
  > Italy Discover Recover
  > Asia & The Caribbean

yoga pilates honeymoonsWellness Minimoons

Yoga & Pilates Honeymoons

Wellness Minimoons

Enrich your mind, body and soul by retreating together on a yoga and Pilates honeymoon. Experiment with reformer Pilates, and various yoga disciplines to begin your lives togather in a bubble of wellness and tranquillity.

For newlyweds without the time for a long-haul honeymoon, our wellness minimoons are capable of giving you both the healthy honeymoon you always dreamed of whether you are looking for adventure, culture or simply to relax at a luxury spa. 

Our most popular holidays...
  > Parrot Cay
  > Terre Blanche

Our most popular holidays...
  > Como Uma Ubud 
  > Fusion Maia

Go on a one year journey with The Year Long Wellness Honeymoon