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About Us

About Us

Health and Fitness Travel is a luxury wellness travel company specialising in creating exceptional healthy holidays around the world. Founded in the UK in 2010 and with headquarters across the globe in both London and Australia, our local offices are based in Melbourne, Victoria. We also have offer all the best in wellness essentials from Australian businesses in our online store.

As the leaders in health and fitness holidays, we go the extra mile to ensure you receive an exceptional experience from start to finish. Our team of experts offer superior knowledge of worldwide luxury wellness holidays; we've travelled the world, researched extensively and reviewed in detail to provide the best recommendations with our professional and honest feedback.

We align ourselves around the belief that you choose to maximise your valuable time off for a health and wellness holiday designed around your personal goals; whether to get fit, lose weight, detox, discover or simply relax. All of our Travel Specialists take pride in arranging exclusive and personalised experiences and our healthy holidays are completely tailor-made for each individual. 

We work hard to ensure your holiday starts the moment you get in touch with us and are confident on delivering our promise — of an exceptional health and fitness holiday. It’s not just our comprehensive knowledge and service that guarantees you a holiday to remember, but our attention to the small important details that make the difference in selecting the right personalised holiday to ensure you return feeling both happier and healthier. 

We create trend-setting, cutting edge holidays and wouldn’t suggest anywhere that we haven’t experienced ourselves. We’re always on the lookout for the best healthy holidays from secluded yoga retreats to the best fitness and spa holidays, continually adding and growing our impressive collection. With a wealth of experience, we are proud to call ourselves the experts in health and fitness travel.

Healthy regards,